How can I get the coverage for a Pre existing medical condition when buying SUPERVISA insurance?

A Pre-existing condition relies on upon your health condition implies the injury, critical illness, symptom(s) that exists prior and after effective insurance date. Sometimes a healthy candidate can be esteemed to have a pre-existing condition due to past medical issue or confirmation of treatment for a specific condition.

During the application time you are taking treatments for HBP (High blood pressure), Heart Condition, Lung Condition, Diabetes and so on, and then you are automatically in pre-existing condition.

Less than 60 years old Pre-existing condition automatically include for illness related conditions until they have been STABLE in the 180 days before the policy begins.

The ages Between 60 and 85 you have to qualify to buy the Stable Chronic Condition Option to cover pre-existing conditions. On the off chance that you are ineligible to buy Stable Chronic Condition option, and then you have to pay a lower premium however won't be covered for any pre-existing conditions.

In the event that you are above than Age 86 then the pre-existing conditions wont not covered.

This insurance has certain limitations and exclusions. In the event that you purchasing this insurance policy you require comprehending your whole policy with what is likely the most critical exclusion in any Visitor to obtain the Canada policy. All policies utilize their own particular meaning of stable and different terms that influence coverage.

Numerous Visitors to Canada Medical insurance plan covers for emergency medical costs identifying with pre-existing therapeutic conditions, which have been STABLE in 120 - 180 days (contingent upon the policy) before the effective date of the policy.

Stable Medical Condition

STABLE pre-existing conditions are marginally unique with various policies, it implies:

  • You don’t have any new symptoms, and existing side effects have not turned out to be more regular or serious, no test outcomes show deterioration; and additionally
  • your doctor has not confirmed that the condition has turned out to be more awful; or potentially
  • You have not been hospitalized or referred to a specialist or specialty clinic.
  • You have not suggested or advised for further test or to meet a specialist.

Is it a good idea to not mention the Pre-existing condition?

It is never a good idea to avoid mentioning the Pre-existing condition. Though if you have obtained the policy it doesn’t mean you have got the coverage. If you fail to disclose the Pre-existing condition then the policy would be considered invalid and you all the medical claims will be denied. Even for trip cancellation coverage will be denied so it is always advisable to contact an insurance expert regarding the Pre-existing condition for your insurance.

Reason behind Waiting Period for Pre-Existing Conditions

Many people choose private hospital insurance for various reasons. On the off chance that there was no waiting period for Pre-existing conditions, individuals could take out hospital coverage and upgrade to comprehensive coverage and in some case they need any medical emergency then will move to hospital claim.

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