Many consider Canada's Parent and Grandparent Super Visa as a gift. This is due to Canadian Immigration experts guarantee simple document requirements and shorter application times for this visa sort. However, then, we as a whole realize that there are a few things that might be unrealistic.

Processing Time

The final decisions on Super Visa applications are typically declared 40 working days after all necessities are satisfied. This is valid for a dominant part of candidates. Nonetheless, there are some Canadian government offices and departments that may even take up to 70 working days to process your application. Additionally, these embassies, consulates and departments are normally under-staffed, to such an extent that preparing times may even be longer.

For instance, a candidate in Islamabad, Pakistan said she connected on March 21, 2012, yet her medical request was issued just on the 25th of July, or around five months after the application. The candidate said that the visa office was occupied with an extensive number of understudy visa applications, consequently the outrageous postponement.

In the mean time, another candidate in a similar visa office sent her reports on May 14 and got her visa on the July 25th, which fits generally a way into CIC's guaranteed time allotment.

As per the CIC website the processing time are different for different countries such as for India it is 56 days, Pakistan it is 148 days, Nigeria it is 145 days and Philippines it is 123 days and so on. It might change with the time and depending and updated information can be obtained from CIC. Courtesy :


Numerous candidates likewise said that the key necessities for the Super Visa are:

  • Super Visa Insurance (medical protection)
  • Income prerequisite (sponsor)
  • Invitation and undertaking to support
  • Visitor's own Assets, riches and income
  • Visitor's binds to home nation


Besides, they additionally brought up that the income of both parties (visitor and sponsor) plays an important part in enhancing their odds of getting affirmed. This is due to the people having higher level of income will probably have the capacity to deal with themselves amid their stay.

Travel Arrangements

Since processing times may differ generally, quite possibly planned visitors might have the capacity to utilize these tickets since their visas have not been issued yet. It is exhorted that you book a flight simply after you've got visa.

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