My husband Steve died in an accident. It was so sudden and  shocking that it took several days for me to come out of the grief trying to live normally being a mother of two kids.

Steve and I accidently met at a party and fell in love. In a few years of time we got married and settle. It was a wonderful life as our family grew slowly having two kids. Steve was a wonderful husband and father. Even in his busy work-schedule, he found time for us – always. Not by any chance, had he missed accompanying me to the local markets or grocery stores on weekends. Taking kids out to play, helping them in studies and decorating the patio around the home during parties and celebrations. We had a great time as a family. He was very compassionate about life and would help anyone in need.

He had a good job and was earning about $250,000 per year. We had everything that we needed and were leading a comfortable life. We were also happy that his employer has provided insurance cover of two times his annual salary.  The life was going smooth and happy without any worry.

But   today I thank the insurance agent who not only diminish my misery, but opened my eyes on right time. I remember, Steve and I sat with him for the discussion. He told him that Steve is already having insurance cover and we do not need one more insurance policy. But I remember now, how he convinced us that the insurance Steve has provided by the employer is just an icing on the cake. The insurance policy is valid as long as Steve has the work, but you have to manage the life outside his work. The insurance agent explained that the insurance policy provided by employers is valid as long as Steve works for them. The insurance will cease, the day Steve is laid off. It is because; Steve is growing older and may develop conditions that would make his employer to take his job.

Two years after we had an insurance policy, Steve was laid off from the company because of slow-down policies. He had applied for the job and was going for the interview when he had a fatal road accident with multi car collision and he died on the spot.

It was an eye opener for me. If I hadn’t met the insurance agent on time that day, I would have been in trouble for life with my family. I would have been homeless and shattered. But the timely insurance that Steve and I decided to make was surely a turning point of my life. I thank the insurance agent for his timely advice which gave us a bigger relief in life.

Without the knowledge and thoughtfulness of the insurance agent, it would have been difficult for us to survive, considering that the fact that the life insurance benefits were lost the day Steve was laid off from his workplace.

But now, almost every night I thank God for bringing the insurance agent in my life right on the time. It’s almost two years now that we are still trying to overcome the death, but we feel fortunate to have enough money to face the life and the everyday challenges.



I would recommend everyone that, the life is full of risks and you make sure that you minimize your risks of life. Imagine how life gets shattered if the breadwinner of the family goes away suddenly- not to come back again. You can meet the insurance agent, talk to him about suitable policies and find the most suitable policy for you. There are many such situations in life which we have to face and rise above.  Meet the insurance agent today, who is life specialist – who will find the loops and holes of your family and suggest you the best ways to lead the life.