The Super Visa has become very easy than ever before for parents and grandparents to visit relatives in Canada, permitting them to stay for up to 24 months at a time in the country, without renewing their status. This visa is legitimate and valid for a long time and can allow a single entry or multi-entries into Canada.

One of the key prerequisites for getting the Super Visa for Canada is medical insurance. Super Visa candidates must submit evidence that they have bought private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance agency which is substantial for at least one year and offers at least $100,000 in coverage for hospitalization, health care and repatriation.

Super Visa Insurance, is also known as travel and visitors medical insurance for Super Visa. It is intended to take care of therapeutic emergency treatment costs acquired during a Super Visa holder lives in Canada or is on a trip in other nation, and most of the medical insurance coverage period is spent in Canada.

What are Super Visa Insurance Requirements?

One of the official application necessities is a private Canadian medical coverage for Super Visa. Subsequently, it is fundamental for the candidate to send a proof of Super Visa health insurance coverage and also the remaining document so as to be endorsed for the program.

Tips before Buying Super Visa Insurance

  • One ought to buy medical insurance as a proof before applying for their Super Visa application. The coverage must be for at least $100,000.
  • The policy must have at least a minimum period of one year. Candidates/Insurers can pick the date of the medical insurance policy. However the Candidates/Insurers are flexible to change the conditional date of your medical insurance policy before the actual successful date. Dates can be changed by a direct telephone call or email. It is the duty of the insurer to get the speculative or tentative date changed to keep the policy effective at the tentative date. You can change the date by calling your medical insurance specialist and inform about the changes. The date when your grandparent or parents come to Canada, ought to be the initial day of medical insurance policy. The one year coverage begins from that day.
  • Refunds will be given if your parents or grandparents can't get a Visa for Entry to Canada. In addition, when a request of the Super Visa for is turned down for any reason, the candidate may apply to get 100% of the premium refund for the medical insurance. All Insurance guarantees to handle the discounts when the confirmation of visa refusal is sent to them.
  • If your parents or grandparents choose to leave Canada before one year, they can get a discount on the remaining balance. Refund or discount of premium is additionally accessible, if the candidates return home early depending upon some conditions.
  • Plans are accessible that cover pre-existing conditions, for example, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and Heart Conditions.
  • If you choose to remain for more than one year, then you should buy another policy before the expiry of the old plan.


For more details about the insurance plans available in Canada talk to a broker who can help you find the best plan per your needs.

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