What to do when someone insured for policy suddenly dies.


      Contact Insurance company or the agent

Contact the Insurance company immediately and talk to the assistant team for the immediate help regarding the procedure and required help. Our professional experts will help you in handling the situation and dealing with problems, if any. The authorities concern will also help you to guide and to offer suitable solutions.


    Get required information in writing

In order to make the claim of the insurance, you have to submit following reports in proper documented formats. Make sure that you have-

    • Death Certificate which confirms the cause of death.
    • Report regarding Hospital admission & treatment, if relevant.
    • Reports regarding Ambulance and Medical evacuation, if relevant.
    • Also the Police report, if they were involved.

In some cases, the past medical history of the patient can be checked with reference to the family doctor. It is not mandatory, but it requires in some special cases.


       Keep your receipts ready

You have to make sure that you have all the required receipts of the expenses incurred while travelling and while facing the unavoidable circumstances. You have to keep all the original receipts regarding to your itineraries, booking and cancellation, and also confirmations for any affected travel arrangements which you needed to make during travel. In order to make your claims, you have to produce all the necessary receipts.