Insurance Protection Policy

Purchasing health insurance has many advantages. Individuals must buy health insurance as proof before submitting their Super Visa application. Choosing the insurance policy date is not very difficult. Mehan Realty Financial Services offers flexibility to change the tentative effective date. The dates can be changed by calling us or sending a message through email.
Remember that it is the responsibility of the individual to get the tentative effective date changed to keep the policy in effect at the preferred time. The day when your grandparents or parents visit Canada will be the first effective day of insurance protection policy. The one- year coverage will start from that day. All your health expenses for any emergency, health diagnoses will cost you in dollars. Our experienced advisors will guide you by providing the lowest possible quotes on insurance that will benefit and provide all the features you are looking for your Insurance Policy to cover.
When a Super Visa application request is denied, the individual will receive a full refund for the visa insurance protection. The refunds are processed as soon as the proof of visa denial is sent to us. We also offer Pro-rated refunds of premium, if the individuals, in case of emergency, decide to return to their home country earlier than their anticipated date of return provided there is no claim.
We strive hard to deliver the best Supervisa Insurance plans at your convenience. We are happy to guide you online, and provide relative rates of the coverage and suggest with quotes. We make your stay the most memorable one while you are in Canada. Our expert teams are rated among the top advisors in Canada. We are well known for the excellent customer-centered approach in the field of insurance.