Apply Canada visa to visit kids – Supervisa Insurance requirements

Apply visa to visit kids
Supervisa – The Best way to apply visa to visit Canada!

Are you planning to apply Canada visa to visit kids and grand kids settled in Canada? If yes, don’t worry about how to apply visa? You need to prepare to take care of humongous documentation, formalities, and approvals before you can plan your visit. Many times, it restricts your stay to just one or a couple of visits. The Canadian Government tried to counter this problem by introducing a new scheme, namely The Super Visa in December 2011. 

The Super Visa Insurance- Pertinent Facts

During your stay in Canada, this scheme covers all unexpected and sudden medical expenses. Even if you fall ill on a side trip, it pays up if most of the time has been spent in Canada. The Super Visa insurance is valid for ten years and it has considerably reduced hassles when planning a trip to Canada. You can visit the country for up to 24 months per visit without any need to renew the status in these ten years. Moreover, it also allows multiple entries into Canada. The Super Visa Insurance should be a minimum amount of coverage of $100,000. The benefits include health care, hospitalization, and repatriation. It applies to the individual visa. 

Apply Visa to Visit Kids in Canada – Eligibility for The Super Visa Insurance

When looking forward to availing the benefits of medical insurance for the super visa, you must fulfill certain eligibility requirements. The most important requirement is that you should be a parent or grandparent to a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen. The other major eligibility requirement is insurance. The person applying for Super Visa application must have private medical insurance from a Canada-based company. He or she will have to submit a proof to get approval on the application. 

When applying, a copy of the invitation letter from the relative residing in Canada has to be provided. This letter must specify the number of people in the household which helps to calculate the income. You should submit the documents that state their children or grand kids’ meeting the minimum income threshold to assure that you will be well taken care of by them while you stay in Canada. 

After fulfilling the eligibility criteria and submitting necessary documents with the application, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada process the same after thoroughly scrutinizing them. 

Post approval of Super Visa

Once the application is approved by CIC, it is passed on to the Visa Officer. He may or may not have an interview with you. Before you are permitted for the best super visa insurance in Canada, you may be asked to undergo a medical exam before arriving in Canada. The Visa Officer for the medical examination will provide necessary directives and instructions. The procedure is taken further after getting results from the Visa Office. 

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After the approval of your Super Visa, you will receive your original documents and your stamped passport. In case there is a rejection in your application, the reasons will be provided along with the return of original documents. You can seek help when applying for Supervisa from an experienced immigration lawyer or consultant that can help you with a faster application process so that there are no or fewer roadblocks in the process. Have a happy time apply Canada visa to visit your kids!

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