Insurance Helps Even During the Divorce!

How the life takes turns, we never know. I had been enjoying my family life with my husband and my baby. But one thing led to another and our differences started exposing and my married life started failing,

Today, after having divorced for last 10 years and having faced all the difficulties of life, I come to know, why the insurance agent, I had met just after my divorce, recommended me to have a life insurance policy on my ex-husband for which I should be the owner.

I was the beneficiary of the policy and I have to make sure that the policy remains active. During the divorce, the Judge had advised my ex-husband to make the payments for the policy for which I was the owner. He was making the payments on a regular basis for the policy. About four years ago, he stopped making the payment of the policy and I was notified being the owner of the policy. I had started paying for the policy and brought the policy to current. But within next three months, he died suddenly in an accident.

I was thankful to myself because I kept the policy running and it turned out to be an  unexpected gain right at the time when I needed the money most. The timely help saved my family and me from the difficulties of life. It helped me to secure the future of my child and to have a bright future.

Today, I thank the insurance agent who suggested me to have an insurance policy on my ex-husband on my name being the owner. Had I not made the policy current, after he stopped making payment, I would not have gained the benefits and my family and I would have suffered all our lives.


Life is full of uncertainties. Whether you are happily married, or you divorced, get the insurance policies and protect your life against all odds circumstances of the life. Talk to your insurance agent today and find the most suitable policy for you which will offer you the timely help when it is needed most and offer your family and you a happy enjoyable life.