Super Visa Eligibility

Supervisa Eligibility – Who can apply?

The eligibility for the parent and grandparent super visa, you should: be the parent or grandparent of a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen, be permitted to enter Canada and meet certain different conditions.

Immigration officers consider a few things before they choose in the event that you can come to Canada. You should be a genuine visitor to Canada who will leave by decision toward the end of your visit. An officer will take a gander at these things when you apply:

  • Your binds to your nation of origin,
  • The reason for your visit,
  • Your family ties and funds,
  • The general financial and political security of your nation of origin, and
  • A welcome from a Canadian host.

You should likewise:

  • Prove that your kid or grandchild in Canada meets Income requirements as mentioned on CIC website
  • Provide a written articulation from that kid or grandchild that he or she will give you budgetary support,
  • Have legitimate Canadian medicinal protection (also known as Super visa Insurance) coverage for no less than one year
  • Go for an immigration medical exam.

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