Until such things happen, you will not even think about it but the moment you face such trouble, you need to know about how to deal with it.

 Illness or Injury
What to do if you’re hurt in an accident

Make sure you are safe

While in the journey, make sure that everyone is safe and not having any physical problem. In case, of such problems you should take immediate help and contact for the local emergency services.

Seek Medical Attention

Make sure that you get the medical aid from medical officers such as doctors or getting medical attention by going to the hospitals immediately. In case of any emergency, make sure that you contact emergency services first then contact the Emergency Assistance Services of the insurance company which is available 24/7 as soon as you can. However some companies may require you to contact them before getting medical treatment. Make sure you go through the policy wording.

In case, if it is not an emergency, then you can call the Emergency Assistance Services of insurance company which is available 24/7 and ask for the guidance, if required to get any medical attention or facility. The Reciprocal Health Care Agreements are available depending on the situation, place and the purpose required. Our team can assist you and guide in case of requirement or emergency situations. But it is always advised for you to take the advantage of the local medical services or the public healthcare system available.

Get it in writing

Most of the claims made for the insurance, needed supporting documents and medical claims are no different. Always make a habit of getting a copy of every document that can support your claim even regarding the medical facility that you had taken such as:

  • Collect the detailed medical report from the doctor regarding the check-up and confirmation of the nature of any disease or injury.
  • The hospital admission report, if you are admitted in the hospital for the treatment or operation.
  • If required, get the reports regarding Ambulance and the emergency medical treatments.
  • Get the Police report if they are part of the activity.

Every other documentation related to patient, hospital, doctor, injury and medicines should be made available in form of a document to be presented on the request of claims team.

Keep your receipts ready

The receipts regarding itinerary, booking, cancellation, confirmations and any other specific documents requested by the emergency assistance or claims team. While dealing with the injuries and the medical expenses, it is required to keep track of all the expenses made in form of properly maintained receipts and presented while making the claims.

The receipts are necessary when you need to make claims regarding any of the expenses paid while travelling under emergency or due to medical conditions.

 Find more about insurance claims

Every travel insurance plan is different and one has to find out about every plan in detail. Every insurance plan depends on various options chosen, place of residence and the purpose for which the insurance is made.  Before you buy any insurance policy find out more about it before you purchase.

Always feel free to ask your questions or any doubts and find out more about the insurance plan that you are planning to purchase.


The possibilities needed to be taken care of regarding the travel insurance policy.