It is a multiple entry, long term visa for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

The Super Visa for Parent and Grandparent Super Visa is a temporary visa that allows the parents and grandparents to remain for up to 2 years in Canada for each visit. It is substantial for up to 10 years. Within that time, Super Visa holders can stay in Canada for times of up to 2-years. In examination, a normal visitor visa is generally substantial for a greatest time of 6-months.

Another preferred standpoint of Parents and Grandparents Super Visa is its generally short processing time of roughly less than two months for many countries. In the event that parents or grandparents choose to return before their Super Visa lapses following 12 months, an allocated refund is accessible. You pay for the months they remain in Canada. Note: - Partial refunds are conceivable, just if there are No Claim(s) on the policy.

You can cancel your protection and get a refund of the unused premium sum when you give verification that you are covered under a Canadian government medical coverage plan, or left Canada. The refund is done on pro-rata basis.

Your cancellation written request for the policy must be received within certain period following the date you go back to your nation of origin. In the event that your cancelation demand is received over 30 days(for some companies) taking after the date you came back to your nation of origin, we will require a duplicate of each page of your international ID to confirm that you didn't visit Canada between the date you came back to your nation of origin and the date you presented your cancelation request.

Refunds will be credited to a similar MasterCard used to charge the premium. If you paid by cheque then the refunds are provided to you by cheque also.


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