How to Save money on Supervisa Insurance

If you are planning to apply for supervisa for your parent or grandparents then the following tips might be helpful to you. The minimum insurance coverage required for Supervisa is $100,000 for 1 year of time period. You can find brokers to provide the Best Health Insurance in Calgary at

Buy early if the age band is changing
All the companies base their premiums according to the age band. The age band is generally 5 years which means the rates change every 5 years. So, its good idea that you can apply in advance to avoid higher premiums if your parent`s age is changing to higher band. Most companies charge the premiums based on the age at which you bought the policy.

Choose the deductible carefully
If you know that there is lesser chance of your parents making any claims when they are in Canada then you can go with higher deductibles. Yes, its not great to go for the highest possible deductible. It should be the one which you can manage. It would help you to lower the premiums.

For a short stay don’t claim
If your parents are willing to stay for short duration on supervisa then its better not to claim for the small claims. In case of early departure, you could get the premium refunded for the unused portion of the stay. E.g if you have paid $2000 as premium for the whole year and your parents want to leave in 3-4 months then its better to avoid a claim of $100 or $200.

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